Standard Delivery – Same day package delivery within 3-4 hours from booking.
Express Delivery – Same day package delivery, Package pickup in 25-30 minutes of booking + 5 minutes per KM to travel to drop point.
Scheduled Delivery – Pickup and drop can be scheduled one day in advance as per your convenience.
Late Night Delivery – Package Delivery after 10:00 PM. A good option for sending gifts/cakes to your loved ones on their Birthday or anniversary.

Bulk Delivery – Multiple packages to various destinations at minimum cost. i.e Marriage invitation cards

Big-Box Delivery – Delivery by e-loader for bigger items that can not be carried on a 2-wheeler.

Yes, as per the policy we do not take anonymous bookings. However, your information will not be shared with anyone else except the receiver.

You can book your delivery through any of these modes
1: DropZone Moble App
2: Call at customer care numbers +91 831-924-8720, +91-882-741-3245

You can opt for any of the payment methods while booking
1: CoD Cash on Delivery)
2: CaP (Cash at Pickup)

Yes, however the sender needs to ensure that receiver will be available to receive the delivery. In case of delivery failure due to unavailability of the receiver, the sender will have to pay the difference for package return to sender.

No, as per the policy we do not take anonymous bookings

Liquor, Arms and ammunition, Jewellery, Cash, Chemical, illegal drugs, any item which is restricted to carry as per State’s law.

We are committed to provide you the hustle free and safe delivery of your package. Also, our Delivery Champions are well trained and instructed for safe driving to ensure no damage to the package. In case of damage or loss of package, we will conduct the enquiry internally and compensate the client actual value of the package.

* It doesn’t apply to food and cakes. We do not take any responsibility of the safety of eatables.

Delivery Champion calls receiver on the the contact number provided by Sender. Calls back to sender before handing over the package to receiver and get them connected over the call.

You will be notified of all delivery status changes through SMS and in-app notifications.

Yes, booking can be done up to 3 days in advance

Yes, any order can be cancelled anytime. However, cancellation charges are applicable if the booking get cancelled after the pickup is done.

You can reach us at our customer care numbers +91-831-924-8720, +91-882-741-3245 or write us at [email protected]

If you have many packets to get delivered for example marriage invitation cards or sweets to your friends at a festival. You need not worry about deliveries and can offload this work to us.

Raise a request in a mobile app for a bulk delivery quotation or call us at our customer care numbers +91-831-924-8720, +91-882-741-3245 or write us at [email protected]. Our sales representative will contact you to understand your requirement and to offer the best quotation for the service.

Call us at +91-831-924-8720, +91-882-741-3245 for any queries you have regarding delivery options and charges.Call us at +91-831-924-8720, +91-882-741-3245 for any queries you have regarding delivery options and charges.